Special Guest: Marisa Petroromarisapetroro1
Marisa Petroro is an Italian actress from New Jersey. She has worked with Howie Mandel (#18 on Deal Or No Deal), David Lynch (Clear Blue Easy), Josh Duhamel (Las Vegas), David Spade (Rules of Engagement), Paul Rudd (Reno 911!: Miami) and most recently with Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives). Her latest film, Everybody Wants To Be Italian, is now available on dvd.

Being a cancer survivor of Rhabdomyosarcoma and the national spokesperson for the Sarcoma Foundation of America, she is thrilled that California will make the first attempt this year to have aspartame listed under Prop 65. If you want to ban aspartame from your state visit this link
Marisa’s website: click here

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  1. Rick’s avatar

    You should have pushed some bubbles in JV’s face to calm the fukker down. And yelled louder than him…Backing down and going to sleep doesn’t suit you…as I know you. Attack attack then go in for the kill next time.

  2. Annie Wood’s avatar

    a sexy, funny chick in a bath. how can this show not work? it’s awesome!

    and on the subject of the day….
    i think people eat crap because they don’t know about the tasty-non crap. whenever i make something for a non-healthy person. they LOVE it! and that something i make will absent of all bad things and full of good stuff. it’s about education.
    here’s a beverage tip. the good earth original herbal tea – no sugar and it’s darn tasty! put 3 bags in a pitcher and put it in the sun. put it in the fridge – you have iced tea, way better than any kinda soda. but, if someone needs bubbles, pour some lemon soda water from TJ’s in it.
    oh my, i just had a tangent of my own, didn’t i?

    kath talks about real stuff.
    and i like bubbles.
    love and peace,
    annie wood

    1. Marisa Petroro’s avatar

      Hi Annie. I used to be addicted to The Good Earth original tea. One day, I took a look at the ingredients. It lists “artificial flavor” as one of the ingredients. I emailed the company about it. They said it is a proprietary ingredient and could not divulge exactly what it is. Ridiculous, right? Any way you look at, it has an artificial sweetner. Don’t drink it anymore!!!

    2. Jason Poston’s avatar

      Good good good! It’s funny that Kath is talking about the evils of aspartame as she pours herself another champagne. She has her priorities right! :)

    3. Penny San Ramon’s avatar

      Absolutely “Ffffing” fantasmatical!
      Well produced, extremely creative and ball busting funny.

      When can we get the “lil man in da boat’s” POV???…
      No. Not his views on diet. His POV. Like with a scuba mask.

      Well done my lil Katie Cat.

    4. Christina Bledsoe’s avatar

      Wow, you two look WAY to hot in the tub TOGETHER meow! Anyhow, I guess this explains why I am a skinny minnie and have a lot of energy. I don’t eat any of that crap you mentioned or any of the other stuff I tend to eat a lot of ‘rabbit food’. It has a certain after taste to it that is just gross to me. Great episode, fun! And you can’t really tell until you get up close but Marisa has beautiful eyes :) Look forward to seeing the next episode Kathy.

    5. Little Man in the Boat’s avatar

      Damn, I look good with two half naked girls next to me.

      But I digress. I found a way to make vegetables taste as good as bacon. I can’t say it’s healthy or anything:


    6. Kath’s avatar

      Hey! Little Man in the Boat? You’ve been watching too much Oprah and not enough In the Bath with Kath! Who said anything about “half” naked? Are you counting the jewelry???
      Float on then.

    7. joey Chang’s avatar

      sad to say none of us can take ownership of the food in our body unless u grew it But we do each too much and yes if it is in a box its likely not good for you

      2 movies cove this


    8. Kimberly’s avatar

      Another great episode Kath. So refreshing compared to the other crap on the web & t.v.!
      Keep up the good work!
      <3 Kimberly

    9. Robert’s avatar

      Kathy, I LOVE your show….. and this one with Marisa was absolutely Fabulous!!!! Great topic. Not forced. You “Guys” are SO Smart. Please keep them coming. I appreciate you. Robert —

    10. Erich’s avatar

      Great fun, Kathy. Kudos on you and Marisa. Eating right involves eating with your head and heart mind. Good on you!

    11. PamelaPofe’s avatar

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    12. AndrewBoldman’s avatar

      The article on antibiotics are very good.

    13. GarykPatton’s avatar

      How soon will you update your blog? I’m interested in reading some more information on this issue.

    14. supermanlives78’s avatar

      i love this ep. very funny. yes ur true kathy. also do one onpeople in the movies.

    15. Kath in the Bath’s avatar

      Hey Guys, thanks for your great comments! We have Marisa to thank for much of the great info re: aspartame and health, etc. A truly great guest which whom to bathe. We are doing our best to keep the blogs updated, but are simultaneously struggling with nasty spam by the droves. Unfortunately, we may have to require bloggers/commenters to “sign in” before commenting. Also, we are in the process of planning upcoming eps – it may be a while, but hang tight. These first four webisodes were created as a demo, to try it all on for size. Since we’re getting an amazing response, we’re planning on making a bunch more. So keep the comments rolling. We really want to hear your thoughts on the subjects. And yes, things that piss you off, i.e. talking in movie theaters, one of my favs! So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, ranters and bathers. Keepin’ the water warm for you.
      xxkath in the bath

    16. marisapetroro’s avatar

      IMPORTANT!!! Below is a message from Joan Blades, Co-founder of MomsRising.org and MoveOn.org.

      Did you know that Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is formulated differently for countries in Europe than for the U.S.?

      Crazy, but true! The fact is, that in 2008, Kraft removed artificial colorings, like yellow #5, and chemical sweeteners, like aspartame, from the products that they distribute in Europe, Australia, and other developed countries due to consumer concern over scientific studies that link these synthetic ingredients to hyperactivity and asthma in children. But, they haven’t done the same thing here in the U.S., our voices are needed to make that change here too!

      Please join me in writing to the Kraft CEO, Irene Rosenfeld, a mother of two herself, requesting that Kraft remove these same ingredients from their products here in the U.S.


      Kraft took these chemicals and additives out of their European products. If we want Kraft to do this for us in the U.S., then Kraft needs to hear from us! Their products are in the vast majority of American households. Together, we can affect remarkable change and have these ingredients removed from the products that Kraft distributes here in the U.S.